4 Ways To Keep Winter From Ruining Your Small Business Marketing

4 Ways To Keep Winter From Ruining Your Small Business Marketing

Small Business MarketingSmall business marketing definitely suffered last winter. Everyone remembers what the weather was like here in Indiana last year (unless your brain has suppressed the memories). Rough. Weather experts keep saying we are in for another super cold winter, which leaves a lot of business owners worrying about what their bottom line will look like at the end of every month.

Last year during the winter months, business was slow for many small business owners. People couldn’t get out on the roads. Plenty of work days were missed due to weather or household emergencies like frozen water lines or loss of electricity. Everyone was so frozen that it seemed like small businesses were throwing their small business marketing plan out the window, too.

Well, this year, we’ve decided winter is all about attitude, and we are changing ours. 

When we were deciding what our new winter motto would be, we had some thinking to do. As if we weren’t nerdy enough, we decided that needed to pull in Disney’s Frozen AND Game of Thrones. We had a hard time choosing between Elsa’s famous line, “Let it go,” and Ned Stark’s family motto “Winter is coming.” We ended up coming up with the perfect combo.

“Winter is coming. Let it go.”

Face/palm. At least we are proud nerds. Anyway, it’s high time for an attitude change here in Indianapolis. Instead of letting your business drop off because of ugly winter weather, here are some things you can be doing to bolster your small business marketing during the coldest months of the year…

1. Start boosting your organic search engine optimization (SEO).

When the cold months hit, business might drop off and meetings might get cancelled. If your schedule is opening up, it’s time to start building your pipeline. It takes time to build organic SEO juice, but you will be inundated a few months down the road if you get the job done right. Start writing blogs religiously. Add on-page SEO to the existing pages on your website. Hey, winter might be slow, but what if spring makes up for it… tenfold?

2. Amp up your social small business marketing plan.

Don’t get the idea that your site should drive traffic to your social media. Use your social media to drive traffic to your site. Take some time to start a new social media account. Find followers in your area – preferably people who will do business with you if you happen to catch their eye. Think about how you can leverage your social accounts to get more business through the door – you know, once the roads clear up a bit.

3. Reach out.

Have you been snowed in for four days? Chances are, you aren’t the only small business owner with cabin fever. Try to reach out and make some new connections in the area. Leverage your LinkedIn account to connect with potential job seekers or shoot a message to a business owner you admire in the community.

4. Reevaluate your materials.

In small business, it’s a run and gun game. Things can be so busy that it can be hard to take a step back and really take a hard look at your small business marketing materials. Is your website super-outdated? Is your business card from one email address ago? Does your logo look like a car wash logo from the 80s?

Now is the perfect time to spend time on your own business to make sure that when everyone comes out of hibernation, you are ready to dominate. Just ask yourself… what would Queen Elsa or Ned Stark do if they were thinking in terms of small business marketing? If that’s a little too nerdy for you, you, you can always give us a call and ask us for help. Let’s face it. Winter is coming. Let it go and take action.

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