Buyer Persona: Why You Need One

Whether you’ve just started your business or have been in business for decades, you need a buyer persona. If you’ve made it decades without one, then, more than likely, there were multiple times of struggle and difficulty.A buyer persona is crucial to target and sell to your market.

Buyer personas help you reach your target markets and create compelling messages specifically for those markets, which will help you capture leads and increase sales.

Sounds like a pretty great tool, right?

The problem is that so many businesses don’t spend the time to create a buyer persona, so they miss out on a lot of opportunities. Instead of delivering specific targeted messages, they try to target too many people.

What exactly is a buyer persona?

In simple terms, it’s a marketing strategy tool that represents your ideal customer. It’s created using market research and data about your current or hopeful customers.

If you haven’t really started your business yet, your persona should be based on the type of customer you want to attract.

If you’re an existing business, your persona should be about your ideal customer—the customer you wish all of your customers were.

A buyer persona typically includes things like demographics, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals. Through a creative narrative, you can develop a story that portrays what motivates customers, why they make purchases, and what they are really looking for.

This is one of those times that the more detailed you are, the better and more helpful it’s going to be.

Creating targeted messages

Without a buyer persona, your messages and brand materials may never even actually reach the market that is interested in your product or services.

If you try to reach everyone, you’ll end up reaching no one.

With a buyer persona, you can create messages and develop a unified marketing strategy that targets the specific type of person who would be interested in your products or services.

Because you’ve identified their motivations for purchasing, you’re able to craft strong, clear messages that hit the mark every time.

Spending money the right way

From Facebook ads to larger scale advertising, you need to know the who, where, and when for your advertising dollars to have a real impact.

If you’re creating ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Google Adwords you have the ability to set demographics and really hone in on your target market. Without a buyer persona, you’re just taking a stab in the dark when you schedule one of these types of ads.

You can make your dollars work even smarter and harder with a buyer persona because you’ll know who you are targeting and what their habits are. Then, you’ll be able to see qualified leads start rolling in.

What’s more is that if you’re considering purchasing a billboard or running a radio spot, then you’ll be able to understand if your target market will care or even notice them.

Finding additional pain points

Creating a buyer persona gives you a unique insight into who your customers are. Because of this, you’ll learn about their motivations for purchasing, when they like to purchase, and how they like to purchase.

When you know all of this information, you’ll discover new things about your customers and what they go through before making a purchase.

You’ll learn about your customer’s pain points and how to better solve the issues through your products and services.

Creating your buyer persona

Your buyer persona has to start with research. Once you understand the demographics of your customers, you can start building the persona.

You need to understand your customers’ experiences, what their common problems are, and what they value. Then you can create a buyer persona that helps you increase your sales and leads.

A buyer persona is a tool in the larger strategic marketing toolbox. It’s just one piece of the puzzle that you need to really grow your business and generate the number of leads you need to increase profits and see a return on your investment.

If you need help creating your strategic marketing plan or a buyer persona to better target your ideal customer, Iconic is here to help you make your next move count.

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