Determining The Right Marketing Technology For Your Brand

Determining The Right Marketing Technology For Your Brand

Marketing technology. What is it? Why do you need it? Do you even need it?Marketing technology allows you to connect in a better way with your customers.

When it comes to marketing, a lot of buzz words get thrown around. Automation. Segmentation. Branding. Responsive. Full-service. We could go on like this for hours, but then, you would stop reading. Marketing technology may seem like one of those buzzwords, but it’s actually something every brand, no matter how small or large, should pay attention to and care about. Marketing technology refers to the tools you use to reach your audience.

Marketing technology allows you to communicate with, respond to, and reach your target audience.

If you Google the term, you might find things like Hubspot, ExactTarget, SalesForce, Hootsuite, and Buffer. Each one offers their own spin on what marketing technology is and it can be difficult to determine which one makes the most sense. Some of them might offer social media integration while others offer website visitor tracking. How do you know which one is right? The answer to this question comes down to what you’re looking to get out of the technology.

The marketing technology features you and your brand most likely need.

As you begin scouring for the right technology, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind:

Social media integration that allows for scheduling, responding, following, and reporting.

Social media isn’t just about posting once in a great while, but you knew that already. It’s about maintaining a high level of interaction with your followers. Sure, scheduling posts is a great idea, but you also need to post in real time. You need to respond to fans, interact with customers, and understand how your posts are working. The best way to do all of that? Marketing technology. There are a number of platforms that offer this type of integration. If your brand is social at all, it’s time to ditch posting directly on Facebook and Twitter. It’s time to adopt new strategies.

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Email marketing should be automated to the point where you do have to send out emails every single day.

You’ve probably had the term “email automation” pounded into your head time and time again. And, there’s good reason for that. Email automation not only makes email marketing easier, but it allows for a more seamless process and better user experience. With email automation, you can send out your weekly email campaigns, but you can also set up triggers that send a workflow of emails based on user interactions. Maybe you send a thank you email when someone fills out a form. Or, maybe it’s a series of emails when someone downloads a content offer on your page.

Website tracking allows you to not only target content to specific visitors, but allows you to interact with them on a more personal level.

When you’re making a sales call, how great would it be to know exactly what service or product your potential customer is interested in? With website tracking, you can get a better understanding of the life of your lead. With the right marketing technology, you can tell what pages your visitor has been on. In order to capture this information, the visitor will first need to fill out a form on your site. Once that happens, the tracking code will take care of the rest and give you actionable insights.

Marketing technology isn’t limited to the three features above. In fact, your brand and your marketing strategies may need to include 10 times this many features. However, these are some of the most basic ones you’ll need to get started. It’s also important to know that you may not find a one-size-fits-all marketing technology solution. If one service has exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to social media management and another is exactly what you need in marketing automation, it’s okay to split services. You need the right technology for your brand.

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