In Strategic Marketing, It’s Quality, Not Size, That Matters

In Strategic Marketing, It’s Quality, Not Size, That Matters

What team or department doesn’t want a huge budget? Think about everything you could do as a marketing department. Strategic marketing is all about connecting with your audience and making a lasting impression.Facebook ads. Google ads. Cutting edge website. Billboards. TV commercials. Pandora advertising. Landing pages. Youtube videos. Sponsorships. Vehicle wraps. The sky’s the limit when you have a huge budget. But, if the content and design backing up all of the marketing you do isn’t quality, then you won’t get very far. You see, strategic marketing is about the quality of your marketing, not the size of your budget.

Quality content resonates with a target audience long after they’ve read the content.

Strategic marketing is about more than just getting in front of your audience. You have to connect with them. Sure, someone driving down the highway at 85 miles per hour might see your billboard that you spent $14,000 on, but will they remember it when they finally pull off the highway to fill up the gas tank? Having a Super Bowl commercial could really boost your sales, but what if you’re not in those top ten lists everyone is talking about the next day? Without quality content, your marketing strategy won’t have the impact you want it to.

Quality content is the difference between Nike’s “Just Do It” and UPS’ “What Can Brown Do For You?” It isn’t enough to be remembered. You want to resonate with your audience in a positive way. The right content sticks with them. It connects with them on a deeper and more lasting level. It plays to your strengths and their emotions.

Quality designs leave a lasting impression in the mind of your target audience and create an instant connection to your brand.

Let’s go back to that sweet billboard you paid for. Instead of your brand colors, you decided to use bright yellow and red. After all, someone driving 85 miles per hour might not see the billboard if you use your brand colors. But, without your brand colors, is someone going to recognize the billboard as yours? Strategic marketing means keeping all of your branded materials consistent. Why? Because consistency in design and branding creates a cohesive experience for your audience. It creates a connection in your target’s mind. They see your colors or your fonts or your logo or your brand elements and they instantly know it’s you.

Quality design is the difference between Coca Cola’s branding and the London Olympics logo. It isn’t enough to just have an edgy design. It has to connect to everything you’re doing. It has to create meaning. Your target audience needs to see something from you and instantly know that it’s you.

Strategic marketing is more than just having a huge budget.

Yes, a large budget can help. But, strategy is so much more important. With quality marketing materials, you can make a huge impact without an unlimited budget.

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