The Key To Organic Search Engine Optimization

The Key To Organic Search Engine Optimization

The key to organic search engine optimizationOrganic search engine optimization is the way to go for small businesses, and we have one super-great secret to getting the job done. Tons of web marketing firms will try to sell you on the various secrets of search engine optimization. Pay per clicks only work when you have plenty of money to burn. Feeling like that isn’t you? We can relate to that.

We say it to clients over and over again. If you want to boost your organic search engine optimization, you will want to maintain a blog that uses relevant keywords. Simple as that. We call it training Google.

Why A Blog Helps Organic Search Engine Optimization

You see, when you post new entries in your blog, Google understands those posts as new pages. When you create those posts regularly, you are training Google to return to your site regularly to index new content. By making regular posts, you will get regular organic search engine optimization.

Regular posts wont’ mean much for organic search engine optimization if you aren’t picking relevant keywords. For example, if you are a yoga studio in Fishers, Indiana, think about search terms that your customers might use to find you. Maybe you write a blog post with a focus on the word “yoga classes in Fishers, Indiana”. Try another post on “fitness classes in Fishers” or “Indianapolis yoga classes”.

We can give you a million tips about how to boost your organic search engine optimization, but frequent blogging will get you a lot of the attention from Google that you need.

Do you have more questions about how to maintain your business blog or how to boost your organic search engine optimization efforts? We can help.

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