7 Things That Ruin Your Website Design

7 Things That Ruin Your Website Design

broken websiteWebsite design is subjective, certainly. However, if your website is not converting traffic, there is a problem, and it is probably rooted in your website design. Here are 7 things that have the power to absolutely ruin your website design.

  1. Bad navigation. Maybe there are too many nested menus, maybe there are too many options on the main navigation, maybe the words you are using are too trendy. Think of your navigation as road signs that direct traffic. Don’t make those signs difficult to follow, you follow?
  2. No calls to action. You have all kinds of great content, but you are making visitors fight an uphill battle to connect with you. There are plenty of ways to work in meaningful and attractive calls to action without making your web design seem like a used car sales ad.
  3. Terrible graphics. In this day and age, great graphics are just way too easy to get your hands on. There are way too many free stock photo resources to have low resolution photos and way too design firms out there that can create a custom look. You can’t afford to have bad graphics. Your competitors are spending money on getting a great look; you should, too.
  4. No contact forms. What’s the point of your website? If you aren’t trying to capture leads, you are wasting your time online. How are those leads captured? Contact forms. Work them in on every page.
  5. The website, brochure style. A brochure-style website is no different than your salesperson walking into a lead’s office, plunking a brochure on their desk, and walking out. Your website should be selling, not drowning your visitors in information.
  6. No scanability. No one is really reading your content except Google if you are throwing bulky paragraphs on your pages. According to Nielsen Norman Group, visitors read 124% more when writing is scanable, concise and subjective. Get together some attractive headlines that guide your visitors’ eyes
  7. Poor page layout. Web layout is changing fast. Stay up on the latest page layouts or risk looking like a site from the days of dial-up. Think about adding a few parallax sections or rework you content to fit into a newly updated theme.

Overall, it’s important that your website presents a clean, professional look that reflects the voice of your brand. If it looks like you haven’t invested in your web design, why should a client invest their money with you? Anymore, people complete the first two thirds of the buying process on their own. They research, they web surf, and they draw their own conclusions. A strategic web design, however, can result in an early connection with a visitor, which means you will be able to influence them as they are forming opinions about which products or services to buy.

Ready for a fabulous web design that acts as a salesperson 365 days a year? It’s probably time to talk to Iconic.

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