Current UX Trends For Website Design

Current UX Trends For Website Design

When it comes to your website, if you think getting your name on it, showing off your services, and UX trends set the tone for your website design and experience for users.putting your sales pitch on it, is all you have to do, then you won’t get the results you want.  A website shouldn’t be about you. It should be about your user, which is where UX trends come in. By looking at the latest UX trends, we can get a better understand of the way a website design should function. In order for your digital sales process to work, you need to think about the user. What information are they looking for? How are they going to find it? What impression will they leave your site with? UX trends can help you answer the questions.

Check out these UX trends that we’ve noticed popping up and for good reasons:

Designs that save time lead to a better user experience because they’re already educated and know what they’re looking for.

Linear designs that have been so “en vogue” give users one clear option at a time. This doesn’t necessarily save time because it frustrates users who realize that the one option provided doesn’t suit their needs. Designs will become less linear, providing a few solid options for various users so they have a path that is meaningful for their individual needs

By improving reflective design experiences, we can place a stronger focus on customer service through design.

There are tons of elements that affect reflective design, but in 2017, tools like chats and artificial intelligence disguised as customer service give people the impression they are getting answers faster and receiving superior service, which positively affects the reflective design (the impact of a UI long after it has been encountered). However, since bots were such a 2016 trend, in 2017, bots MUST be designed to feel more like humans or to serve as a quick transition point between the user and a live customer service representative.

Websites are placing a stronger focus on user off-boarding, not just drawing users into the site.

Most websites are solely focused on the “Once upon a time” to draw you into the story (sales funnel), but not so good at giving users the “and then they walked off into the sunset and lived happily ever after.” This year, we are seeing strategic marketers spending more time focusing on where someone leaves their site, and how they can leverage that exit point to off-board a user in a way that leads to a strong positive reflection on their UX.

User experiences are invoking the Tamagotchi Gesture in order to make users feel more comfortable with predictable technology.

Users are feeling fatigued with all the new technology and all the learning associated with it. Because of this fatigue, users have reverent to the comfort of older technology. With technology like the Tamagotchi or a mechanical watch, interactions are comforting and predictable, even if they are a little dated (like Amazon’s UX/UI). From a design perspective, the datedness of these UXs/UIs helps them stand out in a world so focused on tech. Along the same lines, users will start to notice traditional print design principles brought to web.

Stronger focus on decreasing interstitial anxiety because users don’t want to wait for something to load.

People are not impressed with fluffy animations if it is at the expense of load time. We’ve seen this trend over and over. Users simply don’t want to wait for a page to load. Animations are cool, but only really word if they don’t slow the page or site down. Eliminate page load animations and decrease load times to avoid that moment where users feel left in the dark. In the spirit of minimalism (a UI trend in 2017), designers are cutting back on complex/noisy designs, which alleviates interstitial anxiety and improves reflective design.

You want to focus on growing your business not on the UX trends influencing web design.

You already wear so many different hats. Your an entrepreneur, an HR rep, an accountant, a sales person, and so much more. Why try to throw web designer into the mix? Understanding UX trends can weigh you down. Instead, trust the Indianapolis digital marketing firm, Iconic Digital to help build you a website with a strategy and the latest UX trends. We live for combining cutting edge technologies with design best practices and sales strategy. And, we’re ready to help you.

What are you waiting for? Contact Iconic today.

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