Mobile Optimization: What the Mobile Version of Your Site Needs

Mobile Optimization: What the Mobile Version of Your Site Needs

When it comes to creating a mobile version of your site, you might have a question or two. It’s important to understand Mobile optimization for your website is a crucial step in the user experience process.that users access information and site differently depending on the device they are using. What works on a desktop website may not work on a mobile version. That’s where mobile optimization comes into play. It’s all about optimizing your site in a way that creates an incredible user experience no matter the device being used. A mobile version of your site can help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

A condensed mobile menu allows mobile users to get a snapshot of the pages on your site without having to zoom in and out on your desktop version.

Using a hamburger style menu (read: design/tech language for a button with a few lines on it indicating a drop-down menu) users will quickly and easily understand that your menu is designed to drop down on their phone. Because users are already used to this style of menu, you won’t have to worry about them missing it. For mobile optimization, you might also consider shortening the wording used in your menu. Instead of using About (Insert Company Name), simply use About. The meaning gets across just the same and you don’t have to deal with the wording being too long it runs off the screen.

Compact content that still packs the same punch and gets your messaging across while not forcing visitors to continuously scroll.

If the desktop version of your site is content heavy (not necessarily anything wrong with that), you might want to reconsider it for the mobile version. The mobile and desktop experience are completely different. Mobile optimization means text has to shrink down to fit on a smaller screen. Those long, beautifully written text areas will force someone to scroll and scroll and scroll and scroll until they reach the end. Instead, you want to create content that gets your messaging across in a clearer, more direct way. The content on the mobile website should also correlate with the text on the desktop version, so visitors can seamlessly go between the two and not miss anything.

Mobile optimization includes images and graphics adjusting to different widths, heights, and need to be small enough they don’t hurt page load times.

While your images and graphics should always be a file size that supports quick page loads, the ones on your mobile site need to be even more optimized. Visitors won’t wait around for you page to load. On mobile, it’s even worse. Your images also need to scale to fit different size mobile devices. Rather than force users to zoom in and out to view photos, find content, and do everything else on your site, ensure that your images are correctly optimized to fit the screens that users will ultimately be accessing your site from.

CTAs need to be prominent enough to stand out without taking away from the messaging on your site.

You want your site to generate leads. You want visitors to purchase products or services. You want to direct them to specific pages. CTAs are the ticket to doing that, but if your CTAs are obnoxiously large or prominent, they’ll be ignored. Instead, your CTAs need to naturally and seamlessly be worked into the layout and design of your mobile website. Using colors, buttons, animation, and strategic content, you can still point visitors to the content, CTAs, and pages you want them to visit.

Creating a mobile optimized and friendly site takes knowledge, creativity, and an understanding of user experience.

You could try to go it alone, but when it comes to mobile optimization it’s trickier than you might think. You need everything to scale. You don’t want your messaging to be missed. You still need to generate leads. You don’t want to miss any SEO opportunities. How do you keep it all straight? How do you even start lining it all up? That’s where the Indianapolis digital marketing team at Iconic comes in. We build, design, and strategies mobile optimized sites. We understand your message is important and we’re here to make sure you get it in front of your audience, no matter what screen they are working off of.

Are you ready get your site optimized? We’re here to help. Contact Iconic Digital today.

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