Website Button Design – How To Get It Right

Website Button Design – How To Get It Right

Website Button DesignWebsite button design… you can’t afford to get it wrong. Think of buttons as your opportunity to connect with your audience. Just one “Learn More” or a “Download Now” button has the power to earn information from your potential customers. You DO NOT want to muddle your message by making your website button design difficult to find or understand. Like it or not, people have been trained online to understand that buttons work in certain ways. Here are a few must-haves for the buttons on your website.


Don’t forget rollovers. When visitors are mousing around, even a subtle rollover will help provide a visual cue that your button is there.


People are used to rounded corners for buttons. It’s a perception that has been years in the making, and it’s tough to break the mold now. It doesn’t mean your buttons MUST have rounded corners, but sometimes they can help your button stand out from the rest of the page.

Pick A Color

Try to make your buttons uniform. Remember that when a visitor is browsing your site, they are being subconsciously trained to understand your site. Picking a uniform color for your buttons will make them easier to find.

Make them Pop

They aren’t called buttons for nothing. People have a built-in perception that buttons should be pushed. Makes sense, right? Try anything from a simple gradient to a 3-dimensional push-down to an attractively executed bevel. (Side note: a lot of designers are bevel-haters, but don’t lose the bevel just because of that. Next time a designer gives you a hard time about your bevels, ask them what kind of computer they use… Apple, right? If Apple is using bevels on their website, bevels are okay.)

Make Them Simple

No need to put more than one or two words on a standard button. Keep them simple. The exception: clickable banners and e-book downloads. People aren’t going to just download something without understanding what it really is. That said, the basic buttons on your website should be short and sweet.

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