Website Design – Interview with an Art Director

Website Design – Interview with an Art Director

Iconic Ideas DayGuess what? We’ve done something that you are gonna
LO-OVE!  Since we know that you are a busy entrepreneur we want to share something that will not only give you some value for your own business but also help us get to know each other better.
Chopsticks on a desk in a drum roll like fashion please…

We’ve updated our website!  And we’re excited about it.

Our Art Director, Carolyn, has worked her creative genius and developed an amazing site that we feel better showcased how we can help you have a stellar website that is strategic and beautiful.I thought it would be really fun to interview Carolyn to give you guys a behind the scenes look at what goes on with developing a new website design for a business.

Hopefully it will help you if you are thinking about created a new web design or redesign for your business.(And no, we don’t go around taking crazy photos of ourselves to build websites…most of the time.)

 So without further adieu let’s get started with this interview! (Didn’t know I had such amazing rhyming skills, did you?)

Dija: What was the reasoning behind creating a new portfolio site for Iconic?

Carolyn: We joke about the fact that we are on Iconic Million-Point-Oh with our website. Since we are a web design company, we’ve done so many redesigns of our site, mainly because we want to showcase the current design trends and give people ideas for their own site. In a sense, we HAVE to do redesigns so that people know we are hip to the latest and greatest trends… plus we’ve worked with some great clients.

Dija: What was your end goal with the new website redesign?

Carolyn: You know, in a sense, actions speak louder than words. The work we’ve done says such much more about who we are and who we want to be as a design firm. I guess you could say the ultimate goal was to let people know the type of design work we are doing here at Iconic.

Dija: What was your favorite part about working on this design?

Carolyn: I had so much fun just looking back at where we’ve been and the projects we’ve reworked on. I have enjoyed working with our clients so much… really, our clients are so wonderful!

Dija: What would you say is most important for a business to think about when creating a compelling website design?

Carolyn: A great website is all about communicating value. When we start into any project with any client, our goal is to create a website that acts as a salesperson. Think of a great salesperson you know… not only are they good at what they do, but they also know how to present themselves. No good salesperson is going to show up to a sales call in scruffy pajama bottoms with pizza stains on their undershirt. They will show up to the call looking sharp, ready to close the deal. In the same way, a great website combines fashion and function, design and sales. Ultimately, we wanted to get our website a sharp new look that keeps us current.

Dija: Thanks Carolyn! This was so much fun!

Need a new website or website redesign? Contact us for a free consultation. Or check out our newwebsite design portfolio to see our work.
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