Marketing Automation

Accurate information is the key to success in marketing.

Is your digital marketing hitting or missing the target?

How do you know for sure?

Having the right marketing automation tools in place can help you make better decisions and achieve repeatable success. 

Trackable Email Automation

Emailing has changed drastically. It isn’t about “blasting” your contact list every other day anymore. It’s about starting conversations that lead to conversions. You need a strategy that goes beyond traditional emails with “after-the-click” tracking that lets you customize your messages. With behavior-based email automation, you can send the right information at exactly the right moment in each person’s unique buying process. 

Forms Built To Convert

The forms on your site need to be customized. When you have the ability to use dynamic forms built with a tracking system and autocomplete features, your site will be able to help improve conversion rates. We don’t just use stock forms that look like every other site’s forms. We customize them with your brand colors and designs to match your site. The forms can also map data from 3rd-party and native forms, so the information you need is all together.

Crucial Lead Engagement

Following up with leads shouldn’t be complicated. The software we use has some sophisticated power behind it, but it’s easy-to-use rules allows the marketing automation process to be simple. Using workflows, you can engage leads at crucial points in their individual buying process. The software will even send you a list of your top leads and help you act at just the right moment to convert sales. The leads sent to your inbox are scored based on engagement, page tracking, fit, and more. You’ll have the power to convert more leads into sales with powerful tools and a wider sales funnel.

Identify More Leads with VisitorID

With the ability to track a lead’s movement on your site, you’ll have a better understanding of what they’re looking for and how you can help. The software we use will help you identify 2x as many visitors to your site and use behavior-based tracking to help you fully understand the motivations behind each and every click. You’ll also receive a list of daily leads in your inbox that allows you to act at the right time to convert those leads into sales.

CRM Integration

Fully understanding your sales process is key to growing your pipeline. Marketing automation with the ability to track opportunities from the moment they are created to the moment they are closed gives you the perspective you need. The CRM platform also allows you to sync the data from your 3rd-party, so the information is always there and always up-to-date. You’ll have the power to convert more leads into sales with powerful tools and a wider sales funnel.

Conversion Focused Landing Page

With powerful and dynamic landing pages, you can create sales funnels designed to transform visitors into leads. You can drive more conversions with content that changes based on visitors’ interests and attributes. Easily create sleek interfaces with point and click elements. Without coding or a developer and without ever touching your website, you can quickly create landing pages that deliver results that matter.

Convenient Blog Builder

The blog builder allows you to launch a blog in no time and manage posts with ease. You can extend the reach of your blog content with an RSS email syndication that will automatically send new posts to a list that you create at preset intervals. The blog creator also includes a widget that makes sharing your blog content on social media easy for visitors.

Incorporated Call Tracking

No longer do you have to use two systems for tracking leads that come in by phone and form. With this software, you can go beyond traditional marketing automation and call tracking capabilities to see the entire picture and results of your marketing tactics.

Easy To Understand Analytics

Start making  key decisions based on accurate and relevant data. Create customized reports that show the most crucial metrics to your business to share with your entire team.

Connected and Customizable

The software allows you to connect to hundreds of 3rd-party software providers that allows you  to brand emails, notifications, reports, and even the app itself. You can rest easy knowing that your data is safe on an encrypted, secure, and scalable platform.

Are you ready to optimize your digital marketing efforts with powerful marketing automation software?