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Discover what might be missing from your website design.

Your website should help you get found, convert leads and dazzle and delight your visitors.

You’ll need gorgeous website design, strategic sales funnels, and search engine optimization. Good News: The Iconic Web Design Team is here for you!

Is Web Design Just “Important” or is it “Urgent”?

You know you need a GREAT WEBSITE DESIGN. You know it is IMPORTANT. Today, buyers in virtually EVERY INDUSTRY do most of the buying process online (even your industry). This ongoing rapid shift means having a website design that is on par with your biggest and best competitors is not only important but also URGENT. Many business leaders do not realize it is urgent until it is too late – when opportunities have already been lost.

Visitors to your site are in the buying process. So what are they assessing from your website design? You’d be surprised! Your company’s sophistication, value proposition, service levels, and professionalism are judged (fairly or unfairly), at least initially, off of a first impression. Google says these opinions can start forming within 500 milliseconds of viewing a website. What impression would your visitors form? Are you comfortable with this spot? If not, you have options.

You simply need to move the “web design” task on your business improvement list from the “important” column to the “urgent” column.

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Appearances really do matter. Especially in the website design world. The look of your site communicates your level of competence and professionalism. What is your site saying?
Plan on outperforming the competition? Your website better be easy to find and easy to use on any device. Need responsive website design? Let’s talk!
What do you want from your website visitors? What type of lead would be best? Bottom line: You need results! Sub-bottom line: We get it.
Delivering All Three
Delivering All Three
Focusing on only one thing won’t get you anywhere. You need a beautiful site that customers can find and calls to action that direct customers to purchase.

The Iconic Website Design Process

As a boutique Indianapolis Website Design firm, we only take a few web design projects a month. This way we can stay focused on the client and guide you every step of the way to iconic success.

  • Listen & Understand

    Current Site Audit
    Market Research
    Competitive Analysis
    Current Visitor Journey
    Goals for Site

  • Clarification & Agreement

    Definition of Deliverables
    Refinement of Goals
    Strategic Digital Marketing Plan
    Sitemap Development

  • Design, Test, & Refine

    Content Creation
    UX/UI Design
    Graphic Design
    Search Engine Optimization
    Lead Generation
    Marketing Automation

Beauty + Function. That’s An Iconic Site

Beauty + Function. That’s An Iconic Site

See how we helped the Hamilton East Public Library with website design.

Refreshing the Library

The Hamilton East Public Library (HEPL) approached the Iconic team looking for a brand and logo refresh. We spent time getting to know the library staff, their mission, and what their goals were. We got a clear sense of everything pretty quickly. Almost immediately, we knew their brand and web design needed to be fresh, full of energy, and bursting with creativity. The logo needed to be relatable. The website needed to be like a digital branch.  We delivered a logo, brand guidelines, a website, and multiple creative pieces for the library.

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